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11th hour push to re-elect Roch. Mayor Tom Richards

11th hour push to re-elect Roch. Mayor Tom Richards

Rochester, NY -- With little more than two weeks remaining in the race for mayor in Rochester, the Independence Party is making a renewed push on behalf of incumbent Mayor Tom Richards -- who ceased campaigning after losing the Democratic primary to Lovely Warren last month.

Richards will still appear on the ballot on the Independence Party line, and the IP's local chairman, Steve Corryn, issued the following statement Sunday night:

"On Tuesday, November 5, 2013, all Rochester residents will
have the opportunity to re-elect Tom Richards as Mayor. Tom Richards is being
supported by the Monroe County Independence Party. Any voter of any party can
vote on the Independence line, where Mayor Tom Richards appears on Row 6E. 

 It is true that Tom Richards made a commitment to his family
to not campaign during the difficult time with the loss of his son – a decision
we all can fully understand. However, that does not mean that he is not willing
to continue to serve the Rochester community. Upon re-election, Mayor Richards
will have the opportunity to continue to implement the strategies and policies
that have been moving our city in a very positive direction.

 To date, Tom Richards has done a great job of steering our
city away from bankruptcy. While other cities see massive cuts in police, fire
and other services, Mayor Richards has worked to maintain these essential
services that contribute to the safety and security we experience in our community.
We need an experienced and proven leader to continue to advocate for our
quality of life in this great city.  

 The Independence Party believes the true vote happens in
November. We support the re-election of Mayor Tom Richards.  We encourage every eligible voter to cast
their vote on November 5. You have a choice, and, now more than ever, your vote

 If you'd like to join the Independence Party and the many
city residents who have contacted me and urged me to support Mayor Richards,
please visit and find out how you can help!"



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