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City Hall defends 911 response to shooting

City Hall defends 911 response to shooting

The City of Rochester is defending 911's handling of Wednesday's double shooting on Pullman Avenue after people complained that they called 911 and nobody answered.

911 Operations Director John Merklinger says the first call was answered in 12 seconds, it took 50 seconds to determine a location and dispatch the police, and the first car arrived six minutes and four seconds after the call was answered.

There were 54 more calls immediately after and 14 operators on duty. 17 calls went into queue ... but at that time, help was already on the way.

Merklinger also says many people immediately hung up and dield again when they didn't get through right away. He says those who hung on for 15 seconds were answered.

Another note: Merlkinger says it takes about 45 seconds for their system to pinpoint the location of a cellphone call. Landlines display on the screen immediately. The majority of emergency calls are on cell phones these days, so it's important to give the operator a cross street or address.



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