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City Schools Plan to Limit Student Bus Access

City Schools Plan to Limit Student Bus Access

The Rochester City School District and the Transportation Authority start a new plan on Friday to cut down the number of high school students who hang out downtown after classes.

Young people congregating at the Liberty Pole last week got into a fight that ended up with multiple gunshots. Police are seeking the suspect in the photo.

The district is re-evaluating all students and issuing new passes to those who can get home without changing buses. They'll have to ride the expresses that bypass downtown. Those who have to transfer downtown will get timed "connection passes, " good for only a limited time and requiring them to catch the next bus out or walk.

Passes will be color-coded and only good for riding to-or-from school, and only at the appropriate times. Students who need later rides for sports or school activities will have to apply for a special pass.

School Board President Malik Evans said these changes don't adress the fact that young people must be held accountable for their actions. School district officials blamed a small number of students for unacceptable behavior, forcing them to crack down on everybody.



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