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City will try chasing crows out of downtown parks

City will try chasing crows out of downtown parks

The City of Rochester will work with government wildlife biologists starting on Monday to disperse a winter roost of 20,000 to 30,000 crows from downtown Rochester.

The USDA will disperse the downtown nuisance by shooting fireworks, shining spotlights and lasers at the birds and by playing amplified recordings of crow distress calls. The city says these measures don't hurt the birds and encourage them to break up into smaller groups and disperse over a wider area.

They'll start at sunset on Monday and continue through the night, then do the same on Tuesday and finish on Wednesday evening.

The crows tend to roost in great numbers around St. Mary's Park and Martin Luther King Park downtown, where they cause a mess and can actually damage buildings with their droppings.


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