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Doorley: Federal Judge's Ruling Doesn't Change State Gun Law

Doorley: Federal Judge's Ruling Doesn't Change State Gun Law

Rochester, NY -- A federal judge's ruling this week rejecting part of New York's recent gun control law has revealed a seldom-discussed quirk of the state's legal system.

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley told WHAM 1180's Bob Lonsberry on Friday that the ruling has no effect on the state law because -- unlike other states -- New York state courts don't recognize low-level federal rulings.

According to Doorley, the debate over the state's 7-round limit in 10-round magazines will have to be settled either in the state courts or in the U.S. Supreme Court. For now, the limit remains the law.

She says, however, the judge's ruling is "persuasive," meaning the other courts may give it significant weight.

Her interpretation echoes the one expressed on Lonsberry's show Thursday by Cayuga County District Attorny Jon Budelmann. Earlier this week, the Onondaga D.A. publicly expressed the view that the limit had been thrown out by the judge, but only in the counties in the western New York federal district.


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