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Eastman House files suit to block apartment development

Eastman House files suit to block apartment development

The George Eastman House is seeking to block development of a University Avenue apartment complex in court.

The Eastman House - International Museum of Photography has filed suit to overturn rulings by Rochester’s planning commission and preservation board. They granted a permit to build the 99-unit complex behind the museum’s parking lot and ruled there’s no negative impact.

Eastman House Director Bruce Barnes disagrees.

Barnes says the apartment complex would be 20 feet from the Eastman House parking lot, permanently changing the historic view from the mansion’s gardens. Barnes says that can’t be allowed at a national and state historic site.

Morgan Management says it’s modified the project to address some neighborhood concerns and believes the process has been handled properly.

Barnes says he believes the court will find the four-story development will unfavorable impact the Eastman House and the surrounding Neighborhood of the Arts.


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