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Greece Democrats question "un-invite"

Greece Democrats question

Democrats in Greece aren't happy, but say they're abiding by a neighborhood group's decision to "un-invite" two of their town board candidates from the group's meeting this week.

Meanwhile, the Republican town board candidates WILL be at the meeting. They're the current office holders who regularly attend to report on town government.

Greece Democratic Party Chair Dave Garretson said the Grandview Beach Neighborhood Association at first invited the Democratic candidates to Thursday night's meeting along with the two Republicans who represent the area. A week later, Garretson said he found a voicemail withdrawing the invitation.

Grandview Beach Association President Rod Lowe said he originally thought to have a candidate's night, but was advised by hismembership that the group doesn't allow political speeches. After some discussion, he said they decided this "wasn't the job of a neighborhood association" and dropped the idea.

Lowe says the two sitting town board members who represent the area will be in the meeting. They attend regularly to report on town government projects that affect the residents. But Lowe said they're not welcome to talk about politics or their re-election campaigns. He said the same would be true if they were Democrats instead of Republicans.

Garretson said he believes this is the wrong decision, but the Greece Democrats respect it. Instead, the Democratic candidates plan to meet-and-greet voters outside the church where the meeting is being held.


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