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Kodak, NY state, reach deal on Eastman Business Park

Kodak, NY state, reach deal on Eastman Business Park

ROCHESTER, NY -- Eastman Kodak Company and the state have agreed on a partnership in an effort to enhance regional economic development opportunities at Eastman Business Park.

As a major component, the state and Kodak have agreed to establish a $49 million environmental trust for Eastman Business Park.

Subject to Bankruptcy Court approval, the trust would ensure continued environmental oversight, while addressing environmental obligations into

the future - including an extension of the current protections for the site that Kodak has in place with the

State Department of Environmental Conservation.

The creation of the trust fund would also help drive further strategic economic development initiatives at Eastman Business Park- and would fairly settle legacy environmental claims under Kodak’s recently-filed Plan of Reorganization.

Eastman Business Park is now home to 6,000 employees working for Kodak and approximately 40 tenants and property owners.


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