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Local school aid winners and losers

Local school aid winners and losers

Monroe County school districts will share a total of more than $978 million dollars from the state budget proposed by Governor Andrew Cuomo today. That’s an increase of more than $42 million dollars.

 Four Monroe County school districts will get less state money of all kinds than in the current year. Those are Brighton, East Rochester, Hilton and Webster. The rest are in for increases under the state Aid to Education formula; a formula so complex that it takes 12 pages to spell it out.

 The state provides all sorts of aid under more than a dozen different categories besides basic instruction, from building renovation to special aid for districts with extra-high taxes.  A district that loses money isn’t necessarily losing funds that pay for teachers or instructional time.

 Counting raw dollars, the biggest winner is the City of Rochester. City schools get more than half the state education aid that goes to Monroe County, and the governor is proposing more than $510 million for Rochester schools this year. That’s an increase of more than $31 million.

 Greece Central is the big winner in the suburbs, getting an increase of nearly $3.5 million. Webster is the biggest loser, dropping $2.5 million under the aid formula.

 You can find your school district in what are known as the the state budget “runs” by following this link. They’re organized alphabetically by counties and you’ll need your reading glasses. They’re also subject to correction, and are rarely enacted by the legislature just as the governor proposes.


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