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Man Convicted in Slaying of RIT Professor

Man Convicted in Slaying of RIT Professor

Rochester, NY -- A Monroe County jury has convicted Jerrell Henry of first degree murder in the February 3rd slaying of RIT Professor Edline Chun (pictured).

Prosecutors say Henry and accomplice Natalie Johnson entered Chun’s home on Hazelwood Terrace and robbed her. Henry later shot Chun twice in the head. Her body was discovered three days later in a ravine in Tryon Park.

Police arrested Henry and Johnson the following day, when Henry was discovered with Chun’s car. Henry was out on parole on the day of the crime and murdered Chun while wearing an electronic monitoring device, allowing prosecutors to place Henry at the scene of the robbery and the location where Chun’s body was discovered.
Johnson was convicted of second-degree murder in October and is scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday. Henry's sentencing is set for January 14th.


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