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New Tenant Named for Eastman Business Park

New Tenant Named for Eastman Business Park

Rochester, NY -- Governor Cuomo has announced that Naturally Scientific US -- a joint venture between the UK-based Naturally Scientific and BCW Chemicals -- will locate to Rochester’s Eastman Business Park.

Cuomo says that the move will bring 50 new jobs to the region by 2016 and 170 jobs by 2018. The joint venture will use newly developed patented technology to reproduce high-value plant and vegetable oils.

Naturally Scientific US will lease and renovate a 69,000 square foot manufacturing facility that will create plant oil to be used for a broad range of industrial applications. New York State will provide the company with two loans totaling $8 million for its $10 million project.

Eastman Business Park Director Michael Alt says Kodak sees the announcement as another important step in the creation of an overall biomaterials innovation cluster at Eastman Business Park.


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