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NYPIRG joins NY casino referendum opposition

 NYPIRG joins NY casino referendum opposition

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) _ The New York Public Interest Research Group is supporting a lawsuit against what it calls a one-sided referendum aimed at persuading voters to approve Gov. Andrew Cuomo's proposed expansion of casinos.

The good-government advocacy group sent its legal brief Thursday to a state Supreme Court justice hearing the lawsuit on Friday.

Cuomo and legislative leaders added uncommon and glowing language to the referendum. It promises jobs, tax breaks and more school aid, things critics dispute. NYPIRG's legal brief notes that none of the potential drawbacks from casinos, like crime and gambling addition, are mentioned.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday the reworded referendum wasn't posted on the state elections board's website until after the deadline to sue and the board will argue that Brooklyn lawyer Eric Snyder's lawsuit is too late.


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