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Rochester's mayor lays down the law

Rochester's mayor lays down the law

Rochester, NY -- Rochester Mayor Tom Richards has held a summit with the heads of the City School District, The Transportation Authority and Police Chief James Sheppard -- and made it clear there has to be a new arrangement for transporting high school students home.

A shot was fired at the Liberty Pole Monday after a fight broke out between youths hanging out at the bus stop in front of the Sibley Building. City Hall said the mayor made it clear the current arrangement that sees large numbers of students congregating at the bus change point on Main Street is unacceptable and can't continue.

Richard met with the chief, School Superintendent Bolgen Vargas and RGRTA Chief Executive Bill Carpenter plus members of their staffs. The mayor said in a statement he had three things to tell them:

  • It's the school district's responsibility to transport students safely.
  • The district will have appropriate personnel on site to make sure of that.
  • It will also promptly develop and implement a new student transportation plan.

A couple of years ago, the district required most students to ride buses that bypass downtown. But Mayor Richards said hundreds of unsupervised students continue to be brought downtown on school days.



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