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Sheriff says deputy handled shooting with "highest degree of professionalism"

Sheriff says deputy handled shooting with

Monroe County Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn says the deputy who shot a shoplifting suspect in Pittsford on Wednesday has had a "stellar career" with his department and handled the situation "with composure and the highest degree of professionalism."

Deputy Bridget Davis shot Vincenzo Zicari of Ogden when he pulled a gun from his bag and refused her orders to show his hands. He was struck in the chest and the hand and remains in guarded condition after surgery at Strong Memorial Hospital. Deputy Davis is on temporary administrative duty.

Sheriff O'Flynn says Davis is a 12-year veteran who first used her police baton to defend herself when Zicari tried to hit her with a hammer. He says she acted in accordance with her training, department policy and the law. He says witness statements back up her version of what happened.

Zicari had two guns in his bag in addition to the hammer, plus heroin and items taken from Wegmans. On examination, the guns turned out to be realistic-looking pellet guns.

Sheriff O'Flynn says Zicari, a former high school wrestler, is also a potential suspect in a Tuesday bank robbery in Ogden. Investigators won't comment on reports that he might be connected to a recent crime in Spencerport. They're continuing to look over evidence from Zicari's bag and the stolen car he was driving when the incident began at Pittsford Plaza.

The sheriff's office says Deputy Davis and another officer were called to the Pittsford Wegmans for a reported shoplifting. They recognized the white Hyundai Zicari was driving as a car stolen in Ogden.

Zicari tried to flee, but crashed into a parked car. He then tried to carjack a woman in the parking lot, but failed when she fought back. He ran across Monroe Avenue with deputies in pursuit. His confrontation with Davis took place behind the M&T Bank opposite Pittsford Plaza.

 Zicari was on probation after having shot another man he said tried to rob him a year-and-a-half ago. That probation will now be revoked.



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