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Staub stays on as Director of Monroe County Parks

Staub stays on as Director of Monroe County Parks

There's been a change of plans on who fills a vacant county legislature seat.

Monroe County Parks Director Larry Staub was supposed to resign Thursday and be appointed to the vacant 18th District seat representing Perinton.

But  Staub withdrew his name on Tuesday and says he's just not ready to leave the county's Parks and Recreation Department.  He announced his decision Wednesday evening on his Facebook page.

Instead, Legislature President Jeff Adair and Majority Leader Steve Tucciarello have named Dorothy Styk of Perinton to represent the 18th District. The seat was left vacant when Ciaran Hanna was elected to the Perinton Town Board.

 Styk is an accountant and currently the Library Secretary at Brighton High School.  

Staub was announced two weeks ago as the new legislator from Perinton and Fairport. In a letter dated January 28th, Staub writes that after a lot of reflection and talks with his family and friends, running the county's park system is just too satisfying a job to give up at this stage of his life. Staub particularly mentions transitioning the county's golf courses back to county operation after contractor Jack Tindale was found to be unsatisfactory.


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