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Trooper Riley laid to rest

Trooper Riley laid to rest

State troopers and police officers from across the country have paid their final respects to New York Trooper Ross Riley, who was killed in a training accident last week at Letchworth State Park.

It's estimated more than a thousand law enforcement officers from across the country attended the funeral service at St. Bonaventure University in Olean. Governor Andrew Cuomo planned to attend, but his flight was canceled because of the advancing winter storm.

The Reverend Michael Lento spoke, saying all Troopers must lift each other up as one big family. Trooper Riley's sister Heather read a poem called "Remember."

Riley's widow is a state police commander in Olean. They have three daughters.

Trooper Riley was a highly-trained expert in rope rescues, but he somehow fell 30 feet from a rock ledge at Letchworth during the training exercise. What went wrong remains under investigation.


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