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UPDATE: Police Expect No Arrests in Near Future in 1978 Motel Arson Probe

UPDATE: Police Expect No Arrests in Near Future in 1978 Motel Arson Probe

Regarding the search Thursday morning at the Ridge Road Fire District Headquarters, Greece Police issued the following statement Thursday afternoon:

On November 26th, 1978 an Arson Fire took place at the Holiday Inn Hotel at 1525 West Ridge Road in Greece.  Ten victims were murdered as a result of the Arson.   A task force is currently investigating these murders.  The task force is comprised of members of the Greece Police Department, New York State Police, FBI, ATF, and the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office. 

This morning task force members executed a search warrant at the Ridge Road Fire District Headquarters at 1299 Long Pond Road in Greece.   The intent of the search warrant was to seek evidence pertinent to the 1978 murders.  Evidence was collected; the exact nature of the evidence will not be disclosed at this time.   No arrests were made and no arrests are anticipated in the near future.

This is an open case and an active investigation, as such; very little information can be disclosed for public consumption.  Greece Police officers will be available for interviews if necessary but no further information can be released.

The Greece police department and our partners in the task force have worked diligently on this investigation for some time.  Today is just one more step in this ongoing investigation. We will continue to follow all leads with the anticipation of bringing justice to the victims of this horrific crime.”

-          Chief Todd Baxter


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