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UPDATE: Warren Responds to Questions About Husband's Past

UPDATE: Warren Responds to Questions About Husband's Past

Rochester, NY -- On the eve of her inauguration as mayor, Lovely Warren has issued a statement in response to questions about her husband Tim Granison's run-in with the law 15 years ago -- when he was 17. She says he was involved in a situation instigated by other youth and was judged as a youthful offender. She says the file is sealed, and her husband does not have a criminal record.

WHAM 1180's Bob Lonsberry tweeted Tuesday that he was the reporter who inquired about Granison, saying Granison was involved in a 1997 jewelry store robbery but waited in the car and apprently cooperated with authorities.

Warren says in her statement that many young people make mistakes and it is important that the community does not give up on them and helps them find a better path, as she says Granison did.

Here's the text of Warren's statement:

"Today I was asked about a matter involving my husband, Tim Granison, more than 15 years ago. In 1997, at the age of 17, Tim was involved in a situation instigated by other youth that resulted in an encounter with the criminal justice system. Because of his age and the nature of the alleged offense, he was adjudicated a youthful offender. The file is sealed, and he does not have a criminal record. Tim learned a great deal from the experience, and is now a loving husband, father and contributing member of our community. What happened with Tim is illustrative of what happens to too many young people in our community who are growing up in very difficult circumstances and get caught up in things that they should not. We are very thankful that Tim was able to take this experience and use it turn his life around in a positive direction. Tim's story, a story that is unfortunately common among many of Rochester's young people shows us why it is very important for us to reach out to our youth, help them get a good education and into the workforce. Lots of young people make mistakes -- the important thing is that as a community, we don't give up on them and help them find a better path, just as Tim did. I have been very open about the challenges that I have put behind me to bring me to this point; and neither Tim nor I will ever be less than honest about our life stories. Why? because his story and my story are not out of the ordinary for young people growing up in Rochester today. And our message to our youth is that you don't have to end up where you start. We are proof positive that you can make changes. You can find a better way."


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