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Warren: Rochester "is a City That's Worth Fighting For"

Warren: Rochester

Rochester, NY -- In her first public address since taking office as Rochester's 67th mayor, Lovely Warren, pledged Saturday to work hard on behalf of her daughter and all the city's children.

Her inaugural address at the Auditorium Theatre noted that people in the future, including her own 3-year-old daughter Taylor, will be able to play back Warren's remarks and reflect on how well she did in office.

Warren noted for her daughter that change can be tough, because so many people fear the unknown, but she said "This is a good city, a city we love, a city that's worth fighting for."

In her 14 minute address, Warren said she wanted the city to have safe, nurturing neighborhoods and said she has a strong team that is ready to get started. She also pledged to boost the schools and build a vibrant downtown.

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