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Wrist slap for 2 candidates

Wrist slap for 2 candidates

Monroe County's Fair Campaign Practices Committee has given both the Republican and Democratic Party candidates for Irondequoit Supervisor a wrist slap.

The committee met to review complaints brought by Democrat Adam Bello against Republican Mary Joyce D'Aurizio, and another brought by D'Aurizio against Bello. Both think the other's campaign mailings are quoting information out of context, and the committee says both of them are right.

It found both complaints valid and said each candidate should repudiate the language involved or be in violation of their Fair Campaign Pledge.

D'Aurizio objects to a mailing for Bello and Irondequoit Democrats that claims Irondequoit has "the highest tax rate in Monroe County." The committee sided with D'Aurizio and said the Democratic piece violated the promise to campaign "accurately and honestly."

Bello's complaint against D'Aurizio is over a mailing that implies Bello favored a nine percent property tax hike from a previous town administration. The committee also found that violated the "accurate and honest" pledge and was taken out of context.

In another issue, the Committee says a mailer issued on behalf of Greece Republicans doesn't violate the Fair Campaign Pledge.

Greece Democrats say the mailer is deceptive, because it says Republican Party Supervisor Candidate Bill Relich has never voted to raise taxes. But the Democrats say he did exactly that as a member of the Monroe County Legislature.

Democratic Supervisor Candidate Dick Beebe brought a complaint.

The Fair Campaign Practices Commitee reviewed the campaign mailer and its claims today, and ruled the complaint to be "unfounded,"


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