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Feds Seeking Maximum Penalty for Nguyen

Feds Seeking Maximum Penalty for Nguyen

Rochester, NY -- Federal prosecutors are asking a judge to give the maximum penalty to Dawn Nguyen, the woman who bought the guns used in the West Webster ambush in 2012.

In a motion filed ahead of next Thursday's sentencing, prosecutors say Nguyen should get three concurrent 10-year sentences on charges she lied on a gun purchase form and knew when she bought the guns for William Spengler in 2010 that he had killed his grandmother.

Two years later on Christmas Eve, Spengler killed his sister, set fire to their home and shot at the firefighters -- killing two. Nguyen pleaded guilty to the federal charges and is already serving time for related state charges.

The prosecutors' motion asks the judge to depart from sentencing guidelines in the case.



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