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Gas tank explosion triggers scrapyard fire

Gas tank explosion triggers scrapyard fire


A gas tank exploded while workers were taking it out of a car today (Wed.) at a scrap yard off Lyell Avenue.

That triggered a fire that sent up plume of smoke that could be seen a mile away.


The Monroe County 911 Center says it happened at a scrap and metal recycling yard on Steel Street in Rochester. The explosion happened while employees had the junk car on a rack used to drain fuel and oils from cars before they're crushed. The explosion set fire to about 200 gallons of flammable liquids in tanks under the rack .


Rochester firefighters were there within four minutes and managed to keep the fire from spreading to adjacent buildings and a nearby above ground fuel oil tank. They had the fire under control within 12 minutes. Nobody was reported hurt despite the flames and smoke.

(Thanks to Monroe County Firewire for the photo)




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